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DB25 Male Connector
DB25 Male - Used as a SCSI connector on Macintosh computers (except Powerbook) and on some Future Domain and Trantor PC SCSI controller cards.
DB50 Male Connector
DB50 Male - Used for early SCSI applications, ie, DEC and HP. Most commonly used as the controller port on Sun Workstations, types 3 and 4. It is seldom used today.
MicroDB50 Male (aka HDDB50 & HPDB50)
Micro DB50 Male - Widely known as the SCSI-2 connector. Most 8-bit SCSI FAST (up to 10 Mbytes/sec) computers and host adapters use this 50-pin High-Density connector. Used as the controller port on most SCSI 2 devices and peripherals, such as scanners, removable storage drives, controllers, external cdr/cdrw, and Sun Sparc workstations. A/K/A "HD(High-Density)DB50" and "HP(Half-Pitch)DB50."
MicroDB68 Male (aka HDDB68 & HPDB68)
Micro DB68 Male - Commonly called the SCSI-3 connector - Used extensively as the controller port and the peripheral port on most SCSI-3 (Fast/Wide) devices. Also known as "HD(High-Density)DB68" and "HP(Half-Pitch)DB68.
VHDCI .8mm 68-pin Male (SCSI 5)
VHDCI Very High-Density Connector Interface).8mm 68 Male Connector. The new .8mm connector used by many servers and RAID array controllers. It is similar to the SCSI-3 MD68 connector in that it has 68 pins, but a much smaller footprint. Also known as SCSI-5.
HDI-30 Male Connector
HDI-30 Male Connector - Used for SCSI applications: Apple Powerbook.
MicroCentronics 60 Male
MicroCentronics 60 Male - Used as the SCSI port on several IBM PS/2 and RS/6000 controller cards. AKA HD(High-Density)CN60 & HP(Half-Pitch)CN60.
MicroCentronics 68 Male
MicroCentronics 68 Male - Used on IBM RS/6000 controller card and SCSI-3 controller port on the PS/2 model 95. AKA HD(High-Density)CN68 & HP(Half-Pitch)CN68.
MicroCentronics 50 Male
MicroCentronics 50 Male - A rare connector used mostly by Notebook computer docking stations. Also used for proprietary SCSI-2 peripheral devices distributed in Japan. AKA HD(High-Density)CN50 & HP(Half-Pitch)CN50.
SCA 80 Single Connector Attachment
SCA80 (Single Connector Attachment) Connector - Used in high-end workstations and servers to allow hot-swapping of drives from RAID disk arrays. The SCA80 replaces both the 68-pin SCSI connector, the 4-pin power connector, and adds pins for signals that allow for the hot-swapping of the drives.

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