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Component Video (RGB)
Component Video (Y-Pr-Pb) is analog video sent as two or more signals. Commonly called RGB, typical component input connector consists of Red, Green and Blue-colored RCA jacks.
S-Video is analog video sent as two signals in one package. Images can be displayed in standard-definition TV resolutions of 480i or 576i. S-Video can be found on almost all video equipment.
Composite Video
Composite Video is an analog video format and can only display SDTV. In the U.S., composite video connectors use RCA jacks and are usually yellow. Composite Video can be found on almost all video equipment.
Analog Audio
Analog Audio is a standard audio format on nearly every audio device, typically a Red RCA jack for the right channel and a White RCA jack for the left channel.
Digital Coaxial
Digital coaxial cable connects audio devices using the S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format). The digital coaxial input is an RCA jack and is often Orange in color. Digital coax can provide extremely high-quality digital audio.
TOSLINK is a standardized fiber optical system which, like digital coaxial cable, transmits data via S/PDIF. The inputs are usually labeled "optical" and have a distinctive protective cover, as seen on the left-hand port in the picture. the right-hand port is uncovered and ready to accept a cable. TOSLINK can provide extremely high-quality digital audio.
M1 (aka EVC or P&D)
M1 is an interface designed for display devices - It is most often found on projectors - and it can receive a variety of signals: analog video (VGA), digital video (DVI), and even USB. The M1 connector is sometimes called an "EVC" or "P&D" (Plug & Display) connector. The M1 interface closely resembles a DVI connector. However, it uses a 30-pin (3 rows of 10 pins), with an offset ground bar. (For cables that carry an analog video signal, there are 4 additional pins surrounding the ground bar.)
LFH-59 (DMS-59)
The LFH-59 (DMS-59) has 3 rows of 15 pins and 1 row of 14 pins. This connector is used to support computer video applications that use multiple monitors for extended desktop. Graphics adapters with this connection will typically only have a single LFH-59 connector; therefore, breakout cables are typically required. The breakout cable will typically have a single LFH-59 connector and two monitor connectors, either VGA or DVI.

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